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Top 50 Best Examples of Websites Using Typography

The days of Arial and Verdana are long gone. In 2013 you can expect to see more websites using creative and unique fonts. Typography is becoming an integral part of any web design project and the use of custom fonts will be an essential creative asset, contributing to the overall identity of a website as much as other important elements such as colors or artwork.

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30 Creative Examples of Typography Poster Designs

If I’m ever in need of an inspiration fix I look no further than typographic poster designs. As designers we love the combination of design and typography to convey a message with feeling and emotion. This post brings together 30 creative typography designs into one showcase to fuel you with inspiration. As always, follow each link to see more great work by each talented designer.

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Typography in Design: 100 Brilliant Examples

Beautiful art comes in many forms. We’re used to seeing amazing website designs and print designs, but we rarely take the time out of our day to look at items from other areas of design. So today we’re going to showcase 100 brilliant examples of typography in design.

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15 excellent examples of Web typography

In a few days, I will be taking an in-depth look at all these sites, delving into their grids, sifting through their CSS and dissecting their HTML, to discover what makes them tick — and what makes them excellent examples of typography for the Web. Prepare yourself a drink, sip, sit back, scroll, click and — above all else — enjoy.

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