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A Lesson on Typography

What is typography? The Vancouver Film School created this small clip to both explain and illustrate the answer to that question. The lettering in this video is gorgeous, and the colors are an interesting mesh of pallettes that any artist would love to see. It also gives a breakdown of font, such as expaining the different between serif and sans serif, x-height and other crucial elements of typographic creation.

The Basics of Typography

The film creator, Kate, made this video to give a basic definition lesson to fellow design students, based off of what she was tested on in her own college class. She analyzes letter forms by reading over images, set to a relaxing, classical music score.

An Intro to Typography

Karen Kavett is a popular and experienced video blogger who has dedicated many recording to design concepts. She is the very definition of Geek Chic, and her videos are always funny and enjoyable. In her typography intro, she goes around the city and points out different parts of lettering, dissecting the anatomy for us. She also teaches us about classification.

The History of Typography - Animated Short

A paper-letter animation about the history of fonts and typography by Ben Barrett-Forrest. It's a really interesting video to watch even if you don't care about typography.